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Receiving Inspection


This procedure covers inspecting purchased supplier material through Receiving Inspection.

This procedure does not cover


Inspection specifications

Test methods

Calibrated equipment is used for testing and inspecting production items.

Inspected material that does not conform to all inspection specifications

Inspection and test status is clearly marked on all material.

Material is handled, stored, packaged, shipped, and delivered according to company and regulatory guidelines.

All customer-supplied production material requires inspection upon receipt.

Receiving inspection is required for

All incoming purchased material requiring inspection is received to receiving inspection.

A first article inspection is required before a supplier can be placed on the Approved Supplier List for that item.

Purchased material that passes receiving inspection is

Purchased material that fails receiving inspection is

Component returns from outside processing suppliers are

Inventory items can be maintained in more than one subinventory.

The term subinventory refers to all stocking areas maintained in the database, including

All subinventories and locators are clearly labeled.

Receiving Inspection is

A purchase receipt traveler

An Inspection Tag [../FND/@FOR0711Y]

A Material Requisition [../FND/@FOR0710Y] form is required to transfer material to stock or MRB.

A Discrepant Material Report (DMR) [../FND/@FOR0030Y] is required for all material that fails inspection.

A Shipping Authorization [../FND/@FOR0688Y] form is required to ship sample material to an inspection supplier.

Sample material consigned to an inspection supplier is not recorded as a material issue to a supplier; consequently, inventory records show that consigned material is located in Receiving Inspection.

The Inspection supplier's shipping documents must reference


The Receiving Inspector is responsible for


Receiving Inspector*


The Director of Quality [] is responsible for insuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface

This activity is performed daily for all purchased material requiring receiving inspection.

This activity is also performed, as needed, to expedite shortage items through receiving inspection.

This activity pertains to any purchased material requiring inspection, including customer-supplied production material and assemblies received from outside processing suppliers.

A purchase receipt traveler and an Inspection Tag are attached to each item (or lot) received to Receiving Inspection.

Prior Activity

Receiving Supplier Material [../FND/@PRO1136Y]

Receiving Inspector

1. Identify purchased material requiring receiving inspection.

Oracle Purchasing
N > Reports > Run
Submit Request

Some of the material in the inspection area may be on hold while a sample is being inspected by a supplier. When sample material is consigned to an inspection supplier, the remainder of the lot is held in the inspection area. If that is the case, the material should have been cordoned off to isolate it from other inspection material, and a copy of the Shipping Authorization form should be attached to the material.

If purchased material requires inspection, goto task #2. Otherwise, end of activity.

2. Determine whether the material should be inspected inhouse or by an inspection supplier.

Inspection suppliers are typically used when the inspection requires expensive or highly specialized equipment.

The reasons for using outside inspection include:

If an inspection supplier is required, end of activity; goto Receiving Inspection Using Inspection Suppliers [../FND/@PRO1190Y]. Otherwise, goto task #3.

3. Inspect the material.

4. Complete the inspection documentation.

Reference the P.O. number on all inspection and test documentation.

The Inspection Tag is attached to the material.

The whole lot is transferred to MRB if any of the items failed inspection.

The lot is moved to stock if the material passed inspection.

If the material passed inspection, goto task #5. Otherwise, goto task #8.

5. Determine whether this is a first article inspection.

The purchase receipt traveler should indicate whether this is a first article inspection.

A first article inspection is required for any supplier being evaluated for inclusion on the Approved Supplier List.

If this is a first article inspection, goto task #6. Otherwise, goto task #8.

6. Enter the inspection results.

Oracle Purchasing
N > Receiving > Receiving Transactions
B > Find
B > Inspect
Enter Quality Results

7. Forward the inspection results to the Director of Quality.

8. File the inspection documentation.

The Inspection Tag should remain attached to the material.

Material passed inspection

When material fails inspection, the inspection reports will be used to prepare a Discrepant Material Report (DMR). The quality and purchasing departments are informed when purchased material fails inspection. Refer to Moving Material from Receiving Inspection to MRB [../FND/@PRO1191Y].

End of activity.

Goto Changing Approved Supplier List Item Data [../FND/@PRO1188Y].

Goto Moving Material from Receiving Inspection to MRB [../FND/@PRO1191Y].

Goto Moving Material from Receiving Inspection to Stock [../FND/@PRO1192Y].

Receiving Inspection: Flowchart PRO1163Y.htm PRO1136Y.htm Start Receiving Inspector Task #1 Submit Request Decision Decision Receiving Inspector Task #2 Decision End PRO1190Y.htm Receiving Inspector Task #3 Receiving Inspector Task #4 Decision Receiving Inspector Task #5 Decision Receiving Inspector Task #6 Enter Quality Results Receiving Inspector Task #7 Flowchart 2 Flowchart 2 Flowchart 2

Receiving Inspection: Flowchart Receiving Inspector Task #8 End PRO1188Y.htm PRO1191Y.htm PRO1192Y.htm

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